1. The Mascot Design Making Contest is open to all Grade 7 to Senior High School students for S.Y. 2020-2021 from schools within the Municipality of Surallah only ;
  2. All interested participants must submit their entry to SWD office starting August 1, 2021. Submission of entries will end on August 31, 2021 (bring School ID when you submit);
  3. All entries will be prenumbered. No identifying marks in relation to the contestant should appear in each poster;
  4. Each participant should submit ONE entry only;
  5. The theme for the mascot design making shall be: “Surallah Water District’s commitment to provide Safe Water while protecting Nature”;
  6. White illustration board (size:15’’x20’’) must be used by the participants; color materials allowed are oil pastels, color pens, pencils, crayons only. No digital or electronic or printed materials allowed.
  7. Out of all the entries submitted, only 8 entries will be chosen by the screening committee and be qualified for final round. Final winner will be judged by a Board of Judges composed of SWD Board of Directors;
  8. One Winner will be chosen for this mascot design making contest and will get a prize of P4,000.The design will be used as the Official Mascot of SWD; while the 7 others will each get a consolation prize of P1,000;
  9. Winner will be announced on September 9, 2021 (will be posted on SWD website);
  10. Criteria for Judging;
    • Relevance to the Theme-40%
    • Creativity and Presentation-40%
    • Originality-20%
NOTE: **Students who submitted entries for Poster Making Contest are not allowed to join in Mascot Design Making Contest **Winning and all other entries shall be the property of the organizers **Cheating in any form (such as letting some professionals draw for you or you submitted a drawing that isn’t yours) will not be tolerated and poster submitted will be disqualified **Entries submitted by students will be verified from their respective schools