The water supply system of Surallah was then under the local government that served the public market and a portion of the residential area of the Poblacion.

To address the growing need for potable water, the Sanguniang Bayan of Surallah passed Resolution No. 34 in February 1991, creating/establishing the Surallah Water District (SWD) in accordance with PD 198. Existing water system facilities were then turned-over by the Municipality to the newly created district and a monthly subsidy had been provided during its initial operation. On September 9, 1991, SWD was issued a Conditional Certificate of Conformance (CCC) by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA). The CCC was a recognition that SWD has complied with the necessary requirements set by LWUA and is self-sufficient and capable of serving the public.

In May 2002, under the management of the late GM RANNIE D. LUBATON, LWUA approved the 7.1M Loan Assistance that financed the construction of production well, a electro mechanical pump and the transmission and distribution lines of about 2 kilometers that serve the Poblacion/Barangay Libertad. This paved the way for the series of expansion projects of SWD. From 2003 to 2010, various expansions were in place, which include the construction of overhead steel tank located at SWD’s main Office, production well and electro mechanical equipment located at Barangay Centrala, and transmission and distribution lines of about 15 kilometers that serve most of Barangay Libertad and portions of Barangays Dajay, Centrala and Colongolo.

In 2007, under the management of the late GM Engr. IGMEDIO E. SUBILLAGA, SWD earned two (2) awards, both conferred by LWUA, the Special Award for High Collection Efficiency for having undertaken aggressive collection efforts and gaining the trust and cooperation of its customers, and the Special Award for Low Operating Ratio, for operating the district at a minimal cost through efficient operation and frugal disbursement of funds.

The Surallah Water District gained new heights in 2018, when it garnered two (2) awards, the Most Outstanding Water District Award and the Big Brother Award for Category D water districts in the entire Mindanao, both were conferred during the LWUA Anniversary held in September 2018 at the PICC, and in 16 of October 2018, LWUA approved the re-categorization of SWD from Category D to Category C. These new achievements were realized under the management of GM Engr. ANTONIO V. CANIESO.

As the district’s corporate social responsibility, the management takes an active role in the sustainable rehabilitation, maintenance, and protection of the established 367.00 hectares sub-watershed area located at Sitio Lambusong, Brgy. Colongolo, Surallah, South Cotabato. The Memorandum of Agreement towards this end started in 2009 and later revised in 2017, pursuant to NIPAS Act and DAO 2008-26.

Forward, as mandated, SWD continuously enhances its system in order to satisfy the needs of its customers and extend its services to areas most in need of potable water.